How to add your SEO

How to add your SEO to your new website.


Step 1:


Proceed to hover over your website and click on the edit now button that will take you to a new window.



Step 2:


Proceed to click on "Pages" and then "All Pages", you will then be prompted with all the pages on your website. You can now choose what page's SEO you would like to edit.



Step 3:


When you are at the page of your liking, you can look at the top left of your screen, you will see 3 lines beneath each other. You can click on that and the SEO window will pop up.



Step 4:


You are now prompted with your SEO block, you can update that with information about the page you are currently on. This will boost your page through the roof and maybe the ozone layer. When you are all done just click "Save Meta", remember you need to do this on every page.




Step 5:


To edit your global SEO navigate to your "Western Cloud Builder" again and proceed to click on "Advanced", a drop down will appear where you will see at the bottom is a "SEO" tab. Click on it and it will take you to the next step. Almost there. 




Step 6:


The last step and then you are ready to show off your new SEO, you can fill in your details down below for your whole site and when you are finished just click on the "Save Meta" button, well done you are all done and ready to go.





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